"After all, prejudice is ignorance...

...and ignorance is not knowing."

It is precisely because opinions are functions of lived experience that they claim to have a certain knowledge of emotions. Opinions prevail on human passions and their eternity. But one has the impression that opinion misjudges emotional states and groups them together or separates them wrongly...a great novelist is above all an artist who can show us a world of new sensations outside our lived experience in the becoming of his characters. - Deleuze

Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.
~Graycie Harmon

Just to avoid any irritation: Any icons in my account that do not have an LJ user's name next to it means I do not know or remember who did the icon. I do not steal icons and make them my own. If you know who did a certain icon, just point out which one and I'll happily put the name in.

Also, any icons that have my name next to them, I request that they are to not be taken at all. I worked hard on these and use for them for my personal use only. DO NOT TAKE MY ICONS!!

Dio and Lucciola are love
Dio and Lucciola are Love

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